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Units for Diploma of Creative Enterprise

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Choose individual units* or complete the whole Diploma. Eight units are required to complete a full Diploma.

*Single units are only available for domestic students.

Collaborative Sales, Marketing and PR

In this unit, you will learn –

• The key to organisational management decision-making

• Creation of product value for customers

• Effective communication of a marketing plan

• The human resources recruitment process

• How to advertise, publicise, promote and differentiate a business or service

Leading with Vision, Purpose and Values

In this unit, you will learn –

• How to understand and develop personal relationships in the workplace

• Techniques to increase trust and empowerment

• To identify and demonstrate the role of integrity in order to reinforce desired values

• Confidence in the creation and communication of a shared purpose

• The creation and management of a successful succession plan

Negotiating Pricing and Contracts

In this unit, you will learn –

• How risks and liabilities can affect the cash flow in a business

• To develop a communication strategy

• To use negotiation techniques to create client relationships with long-term benefits

• To understand how confidence can be used in negotiation techniques to create growth

Managing the Budget and Business Information

In this unit, you will learn –

• The basic elements of organisational budgets and the budgeting process

• How to prepare profit and loss statements and simple budgets

• How to analyse and interpret basic financial statement.

• To understand the basic forms of business information and how it is collected, stored, and managed

• Ethical issues and practices associated with the use and retention of business information

Understanding Finance

In this unit, you will learn –

• Contemporary business accounting concepts, principles, and terminology

• How to develop organisational budgets

• Functions of the Australian taxation system and its operations within the creative industries

• The sources of finance and funding available to businesses within the creative industries

• Strategies for business growth, new venture creation and risk mitigation

Idea Generation and Innovation

In this unit, you will learn –

• To use effective and efficient problem-solving methods in business

• To identify, understand and nurture creative methods and technology that can be brought to market

• To generate ideation frameworks within organisations and their particular organisational constraints

• How to manage member interactions, contributions and goal setting

• To ensure the flow of creative opportunities whilst working within market dynamics and requirements

Managing the Growth Process

In this unit, you will learn –

• To conceptualise growth and organisational change

• To describe the growth life cycle

• To assess strategies for growing entrepreneurial ventures critically

• To explain the transition process from entrepreneur to business owner and manager

• To identify the risks associated with organisational or individual business growth

Cultural Communication and Behaviour

In this unit, you will learn –

• How to analyse and use the changing business environment for growth

• To identify and inspire a culture of autonomy and accountability

• Strategies to recruit, induct and promote a high-performance team

• The use of classical and contemporary models of ethical decision-making to analyse typical organisational dilemmas

• To develop an innovative environment where people experiment, take risks and learn