Acknowledge Creativity


Diploma of Creative Enterprise (Higher Education)

Creative skills can bring fresh thinking into any organisation. Courses often ignore skills like pitching, negotiation and market-based price sensitivity.

Acknowledge Creativity delivers design thinking and innovation tools for business students.

  • Leadership
  • Pitching
  • Pricing

Our first workshops develop creative, entrepreneurial and technical mindsets.  Skills they could take into their workplaces and make positive changes.


Our values are simple.

  • Make memories
  • Stand up for what you believe in
  • Ask how you can help

The Diploma of Creative Enterprise teaches you to adapt, invent, innovate.

Discover the world of creative opportunities that awaits at Acknowledge Creativity.


Dawn France
“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision in to reality”

Justin Gunn
“Has a genuine passion to make technology accessible and understandable by anyone”

Chris Hewson
“Down to earth, realistic and keen to help in start-ups and take away the fear of business”

Wayne Harrison
“Gives Insight in to business growth strategy and negotiation”

Suzanne Jackson
“Business is a creative process at every level”

Robert Jensen
“Mentors small to medium enterprises with expertise in accounting and taxation”


1. Best Business plan award

An award for the best business plan developed at the end of the Diploma.

2. Study your way

Choose your own adventure with the option of studying
individual units or completing the whole Diploma.

3. Central city locations

Acknowledge Creativity has campuses located in both
Melbourne and Sydney.