• Acknowledge Creativity

    Acknowledge Creativity was created with a purpose: to bridge the gap between art and commerce, for the benefit of both sides.

  • Upgrade

    Fly in a class of your own with eight units on offer. Choose your own adventure.

  • Disrupt your career

    With two campuses located in Melbourne and Sydney, the sky really is the limit

  • 8 Units = Diploma

    Do it your way. Either choose one unit or do a whole Diploma. It’s your choice.

  • Business and creativity hand in hand

    Study at the school that brings out the best of both worlds in everyone.

  • The proof is
    in the pudding

    A recent article in the Nation supplement of the Australian newspaper referenced research. Entrants into private colleges have increased as statistics show:

    • More employable due to higher skill sets.
    • Higher starting salaries.
    • Course relevance and less costly.
    • Speed and efficiency of study.
    • Young people unwilling to commit to long term study.

  • Upgrade now

    Email info@ae.edu.au for a comprehensive 20 page brochure about Acknowledge Creativity.

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